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  • World Rabies Day - Vaccinate to Eliminate
    World Rabies Day is the first and only global day of action and awareness for rabies prevention. It is an opportunity to unite as a community and for individuals, NGOs Read more
  • Making Summer Walks Fun!
    On the average hot summer’s day, it is not realistic or safe to go for long walks with your dog.  A short walk gets the “business” taken care of, but Read more
  • Laparoscopic Spays in Dogs
     Just recently, Dr. McGrath got to learn a new and minimally invasive technique called laparoscopic ovariectomy, or more commonly known as a laparoscopic spay! Dr. Tina went out to Sault Ste. Read more
  • Tick Talk
    A tick is an eight-legged ectoparasite, meaning it lives on the outside of it’s host. Ticks can be found on humans and dogs, and sometimes on cats as well. They Read more
  • Is it important that I get my pet’s teeth cleaned?
    Did you know that approximately 85% of cats and dogs over 1 year of age have dental disease! Dental disease affects the gums and surrounding tissues of the teeth. It can Read more
  • Does My Dog Have Worms?
    I AM AT RISK FOR PARASITES ALL YEAR? Many pet owners believe that with the cold temperatures and snow that pets are no longer at risk for parasites. These cold temperatures Read more
  • Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs
    As the holidays approach we have to be careful with the treats that we leave out. As most of us know, dogs will eat pretty much anything. Although they’re not Read more
  • Separation Anxiety and Getting Through the Holidays
    Handling your Pet's Separation Anxiety & the Stress of the Holidays  Christmas gatherings will be starting soon!  This can sometimes be a tough transition for dogs and sometimes even cats. We want Read more
  • Let's Talk Leptospirosis
    Leptospirosis - Why it is important to vaccinate At vet clinics, we vaccinate your dogs for Leptospirosis but most pet owners may not actually know what the importance of the vaccine Read more
  • Dog Park Etiquette
    Understand how to read doggie body language! It is important to know how your own dog is feeling as well as the other dogs surrounding, and interacting with your dog. Read more
  • We Now Offer Cat Boarding!
    We Now Do Feline Boarding at the Clinic! Did you know we now offer cat boarding! We have recently renovated upstairs and turned one of the rooms into a cat boarding Read more
  • Itchy Dogs and Allergies
    Allergic skin disease is a common cause of skin problems in dogs. Dogs will naturally scratch but when it becomes excessive it could mean that a dog is allergic to Read more
  • There Are New Faces in The Clinic!
    New to our team: Kathy - Certified canine rehabilitation therapist  Genevieve - Professional behaviourist  Kaitlin - Veterinary technician ​ Doing things differently… Adding Knowledge Leaders to our Team: We have been busy the last two years Read more
  • Baby It's Cold Outside - Keeping Pets Active Indoors
    What is the best part about living in Canada? The Winter of course! Okay, we are kidding, however it is inevitable that every year winter hits us with frigid temperatures. We Read more
  • Did Someone Say Car Ride? - Tips for Travelling with Dogs
    Did someone say car ride?!  Many of our canine friends are part of the family and we would love to have them attend functions and visits friends with us. Unfortunately, not Read more
  • Aging Gracefully with Senior Pets
    Aging gracefully is a hot topic for people and those same values are being applied to our pets. We all want to grow old with grace and dignity, we can Read more


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